CRTV host Allie Beth Stuckey was booed at an event in Austin, Texas over the weekend for her take on the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Speaking at The Texas Tribune Festival, she stated how she believed Kavanaugh's credibility over that of his sexual misconduct accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

"We're supposed to unconditionally believe the woman? Why, because of her anatomy?" she asked rhetorically. "I think that's unjust. I think it's discriminatory and I don't believe it."

Her remarks were met with boos from the crowd, which largely disagreed with her opinion.

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The festival was a three-day event that featured discussions on "politics and policy issues facing Texas and the United States."

Stuckey said Monday on Fox & Friends that she expected a negative reaction, but was surprised that the specific topic of Kavanaugh prompted the booing.

"Unfortunately, this crowd didn't agree with the idea that you should be innocent until proven guilty," she said.

She added that both Ford's and Kavanaugh's testimonies last week were credible, but the Supreme Court nominee's was believable.

"I think in [Kavanaugh], we see every good man that we know," Stuckey said. "We cannot stomach the idea of living in a world in which the only two words that are necessary to ruin a man's life [are] 'she said.'"

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