Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk praised Kanye West on Fox & Friends for the pro-Trump speech the rapper made at the end of his "Saturday Night Live" appearance.

West -- a vocal supporter of the president -- was the musical guest for the iconic sketch comedy show's 44th season premiere.

After the night's broadcast ended, he began a political speech while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, which he called his "Superman cape."

"Ninety percent of news are liberal," West said. "So it is easy to make it seem like it's so, so, so one-sided."

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Kirk applauded West's steadfast support of the president on Sunday, noting his courage for being a conservative African-American in the media spotlight.

"This is an amazingly profound cultural moment," he said. "[West] has been blazing this trail, saying it's OK to think freely. It's OK to oppose the status quo."

Comedian Chris Rock was in the audience on Saturday, and Instagram video he posted of West's speech show few people clapping.

Rock can be heard in the video laughing and saying "Oh my god."

West also stated in his speech that "they bullied me backstage. They said 'Don't go out there with that hat on.'"

Many of the "SNL" cast members can be seen with their heads down standing behind the rapper.

"Thank you, Kanye West, for standing up for what is right," Kirk said.

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