Sen. Bill Cassidy on Saturday accused Democrats of strategically attempting to delay the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.

Following Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, President Trump ordered the FBI to conduct a "supplemental" probe into the sexual misconduct accusations against the nominee.

"How many more charges can be brought out to smear this man?" Cassidy (R-La.) asked.

He said that the Democrats have used the tactic of coordination, delaying Kavanaugh's confirmation to the high court.

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Cassidy said that the FBI should probe whether or not Senate Democrats are, in fact, intentionally looking to delay the confirmation process.

"It should investigate whether indeed there is this intent to coordinate and, in fact, the actual coordination."

Cassidy added that there should also be an investigation to find out who leaked Christine Blasey Ford's letter that outlined her accusations.

"Let's actually investigate," he said. "Ask Dianne Feinstein under oath did she leak it, then ask her aide."

There has been a pattern of leaks, Cassidy said, to assassinate Kavanaugh's character.

"Things being released that should not be published because there's no support for them. But because it's released, it feeds into the delay.”

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