Legendary music artist Barbra Streisand is taking aim at President Trump in one of her newest songs.

The single "Don't Lie to Me," which was released Thursday, is off Streisand's upcoming album, ironically titled "Walls."

She told The Associated Press that while writing the song, she initially wanted to include "subtle" references to the president but wound up going "ballistic."

In an interview with “ET Canada,” Streisand said that while she isn't singing directly to Trump in "Don't Lie to Me," she's singing about him.

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"I'm in shock every day when I turn on the news and I hear what he says," Streisand said.

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo said Friday on The Ingraham Angle that he's not sure if the musician's politically charged album will be received well.

"She went somehow from ‘Funny Girl’ to cranky lady," he said.

Some of the lyrics in Streisand's single include, "How do you sleep when the world keeps turning? All that we built has come undone. How do you sleep when the world is burning? Everyone answers to someone."

She also referred to President Trump as the "Liar-in-Chief" when discussing the song with Billboard.

"I had to write this song," she said to the entertainment news outlet. "These times gave me energy."

Listen to the full song below.

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