Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh offered an emphatic defense Thursday against allegations of sexual assault when he was in high school and college. 

But many mainstream media pundits did not see his spirited defense as truthful or sincere, describing it as a "temper tantrum," "unhinged" and angry. 

Former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne said on MSNBC she viewed Kavanaugh's testimony as a "rant," calling it "scary."

"I thought it was a temper tantrum," Alksne said.

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"You have a feeling for what he's like when he is, as his roommate from Yale described him when he drank, that he could be an angry and belligerent drunk."

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin criticized Kavanaugh for taking partisan shots at the Clintons and Democrats, while CNN commentator Symone Sanders opined that Kavanaugh looked "unhinged."

ABC News' Terry Moran said Kavanaugh had "roared with anger" at the hearing.

After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, mainstream media analysts almost universally declared her to be very credible. 

Reacting on "Fox & Friends First," Washington Examiner columnist Ryan Girdusky noted that CNN host Don Lemon likened Kavanaugh to convicted sexual predator Bill Cosby on Wednesday night. 

"They had no interest in a level debate and hearing both sides of the story. This was a political hit job that the media was completely complicit in," he said. 

On "Fox & Friends," constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said Kavanaugh showed emotion that came off as "genuine" to many observers. 

"He's being accused of being a rapist and most people would be quite angry," said Turley. 

Turley said, however, that he believed Kavanaugh "flubbed" the Democrats' questions about an FBI investigation, arguing he should have simply agreed to have an investigation go forward.

He agreed with Brian Kilmeade that such a probe would not reach a conclusion and likely delay the confirmation past the midterm elections. 

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