Tucker Carlson said Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh "emerged transformed" as he engaged with critical Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday.

Carlson said that prior to the hearing, Kavanaugh was largely known to be "bookish and academic," but "emerged this afternoon transformed" as "a man on fire."

He said Kavanaugh "aimed" his rebuttals directly at Senate Democrats, calling the hearings a "national disgrace" while showing no animus toward his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

"At times, the hypocrisy level in the room got so high, you wondered how people in the room could breathe," Carlson said.

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He suggested it was ludicrous that Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who Carlson said "lied" about serving in Vietnam, would be questioning someone else's integrity.

He said that Cory Booker, who he called the "oleaginous senator from New Jersey," was also severely hypocritical in grilling Kavanaugh .

"A man who once admitted to molesting a girl in high school is accusing someone else of molesting a girl in high school," he said, referring to a column Booker wrote in his college newspaper in the 1990s saying he'd groped a friend's breast after kissing her.

Carlson said the Democrats were "strikingly uninterested" in delving into Ford's past account of events, instead asking Kavanaugh "about how much beer he drank."

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