Senate Judiciary Committee member Thom Tillis said Thursday that groups opposing Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination have already prepared to fight the candidacy of the next jurist President Trump might appoint to the high court.

Tillis, of North Carolina, said he had a document that showed an opposition group purchased a URL for a website for that purpose.

"I apologize for what you are going through right now," Tillis, a Republican, told Kavanaugh during the hearing. "I went through a campaign and had a lot of smears [against me] but it pales in comparison to what you've had to deal with."

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Tillis did not name the group that reportedly purchased the website address, saying that it is evident the Senate's role has been changed from "advise and consent" to "search and destroy."

"One of the groups attacking you... has already acquired a URL for the next judge they're going to attack. This is the playbook. This is the way we're going to run this committee going forward."

Tillis said Kavanaugh is the "first major target of a new strategy that's developed here."

Fox News could not immediately confirm the existence of the URL transaction mentioned by Tillis.

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