Rep. Ron DeSantis slammed the protesters who confronted Sen. Ted Cruz at a Washington, D.C. restaurant, saying this is the latest attack from the "unhinged left."

Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife on Monday were harassed by a group of activists calling themselves “Smash Racism DC” over the senator's support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is facing sexual assault allegations.

Videos posted to Twitter captured the tense scene.

The crowd cheered after Cruz and his wife left, although the restaurant said the couple returned to finish their meal after the protesters dispersed.

DeSantis (R-Fla.) said this is a pattern of behavior from the left, noting that other Trump administration officials like Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders have been heckled in public, and Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings were repeatedly disrupted by protesters.

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He said this type of heated rhetoric can lead to actual physical violence, pointing to the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice last year.

"This is really, really a bad road to go down," DeSantis said. "They're radical. They're going to do whatever they can, regardless of normal processes, to try to intimidate people who disagree with them."

DeSantis, who's running for Florida governor, said he believes most Americans reject these tactics from the "far-left-wing fringe."

"That's not what democracy's all about. We're supposed to have civility, but that's really been tossed out the window."

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