Martha MacCallum pressed a Delaware Democratic senator Wednesday who said earlier this week that Judge Brett Kavanaugh bears the "burden of disproving these allegations" of sexual assault brought against him.

Senate Judiciary Committee Member Chris Coons received backlash for the remarks, including from fellow Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), according to tape played by MacCallum.

"It is Judge Kavanaugh who is seeking a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, and I think now bears the burden of disproving these allegations," Coons had said.

"Since when in this country is that the way it works?" MacCallum asked Coons.

Coons said he should clarify that Kavanaugh is not facing a "criminal trial" where the burden is on the accuser.

"But, he does have the challenge of persuading members of the Senate Judiciary Committee," Coons said.

He added that President Trump likely has other nominees to choose from if Kavanaugh's nomination fails.

MacCallum countered: "Don't [Kavanaugh and his accusers] both bear the burden to prove credibility? You think she's credible but you don't think he is."

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Coons responded by saying he made his decision to oppose Kavanaugh -- on his opinion of the judge's "legal jurisprudence" -- the week before the allegations surfaced.

"My concern is that we're going ahead with a hearing tomorrow without having the FBI involved to try and get to the bottom of the rapidly growing number of alarming allegations," Coons said.

In 1991, a predecessor to Coons' seat, then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), blasted the validity of using FBI reports in a judicial nomination proceeding.

"The next person who refers to an FBI report as being worth anything, obviously doesn’t understand anything." Biden shouted while presiding over Judge Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearing.

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