Judge Andrew Napolitano said Judge Brett Kavanaugh did not "come across as forceful as he should have" in an interview earlier this week with Martha MacCallum.

Neil Cavuto played tape of then-Judge Clarence Thomas reacting to accuser Anita Hill's testimony in 1991.

"If someone wanted to block me because they felt that I wasn't qualified [for the Supreme Court], that's fine," Thomas told the Biden-chaired Senate Judiciary Committee at the time, adding that if someone wanted to "destroy me [personally], I would've preferred an assasin's bullet."

Napolitano said Thomas' response is the "model" for rebutting allegations of that sort.

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He said that Kavanaugh may not want to be as indignant as Thomas, but that -- as Cavuto reported President Trump has advised -- the judge could've been "more forceful in rebutting the allegations."

Napolitano said that Kavanaugh also should have turned down the interview with MacCallum because, as an accused man, he would be better served saving any response to his accuser for the hearing room.

He said MacCallum conducted a skillful interview, but that Kavanaugh may have given his opposition extra ammunition for his Friday interrogation.

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