An adorable rescue pooch has become the world's first ice-skating dog.

Benny, a six-year-old golden Labrador retriever, was rescued from a Nevada shelter by animal lover and former skating coach Cheryl Del Sangro.

“He had spent six months in a kill shelter in Utah and eventually was put on the euthanasia list. A local Las Vegas rescue had pulled him on his last day and transported him to Las Vegas but nobody had put in to adopt him,” Del Sangro told PEOPLE. “But as soon as I saw his eyes in the photo I knew he was meant for me. I filled out the forms, finally got to meet him and it was instant love.”

After teaching him more than 50 tricks and doing some agility training, Del Sangro decided to see if Benny would like the ice, and he has proven to be a total natural.

Photo credit: Rick Vierkandt/Bark Gallery/Cheryl Del Sangro

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Del Sangro has since gotten Benny custom-made skates, and she takes him to train once every two weeks at the Las Vegas Ice Center.

“I just started teaching him the same as teaching a small toddler and incredibly he took right to it. He was able to stand and skate on his own the first day we tried it,” Del Sangro said. “He continues to improve all the time.”

Gliding on his front-paw skates, Benny can already perform an array of tricks, including turns, crossovers and bunny hops.

He's even able to skate while carrying his custom hockey stick!

Photo credit: Rick Vierkandt/Bark Gallery/Cheryl Del Sangro

Del Sangro hopes Benny's amazing skills catch the attention of the NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights and he can become part of the on-ice entertainment lineup.

She believes Benny would not only be a great addition to game nights, but he could show people just how amazing rescue animals can be.

Photo credit: Rick Vierkandt/Bark Gallery/Cheryl Del Sangro

“When people see Benny on the ice, they immediately smile and say they can’t believe how happy he is doing it,” Del Sangro said. “His tail wags the entire time. And they always ask have I ever have seen another dog actually ice skate. The answer is no."

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