Constitutional attorney and "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin said Wednesday that Democrats are purposefully ignoring the Bill of Rights in regard to the case against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

He said that the Democrats' treatment of the allegations and their veracity or lack thereof show that the party is "either filled with perverts or filled with totalitarians."

Levin said there is no physical evidence or "corroboration" beyond the allegations themselves that Kavanaugh is guilty of anything.

"There's no blue dress here," he said, referring to the key piece of evidence in the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal of the 1990s -- a garment worn by the then-intern that was stained by Clinton's bodily fluids.

Levin said Democrats have shown themselves to believe that neither the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution writ large applies to the Kavanaugh allegations.

"That's how totalitarians think," he said, adding that there are "millions of women" in the United States who find the allegations and the Democrats treatment of them "disgusting."

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"Did Ted Kennedy speak for Mary Jo Kopechne?" Levin asked, referring to the woman who died after the Massachusetts senator drove drunk and crashed into a pond.

Levin said another key fact is that no one has filed police reports in connection with any of the claims against Kavanaugh.

"They know where the Montgomery County Police Department is," he said, noting that most of the claims fall under that suburban Washington jurisdiction.

Levin said no reports have been filed because "that's when Rule of Law kicks in," meaning that they cannot continue to assume Kavanaugh's guilt.

He said that the salacious allegations that continue to pile up without formal evidence or corroboration mean the Senate Judiciary Committee is "either filled with perverts or its filled with totalitarians."

"It is a disgusting spectacle," he said.

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