White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders declined to speculate about what will happen during President Donald Trump's Thursday meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but she did call for an end to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Rosenstein, who's overseeing the Russia investigation following Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal, has reportedly drawn Trump's ire following a New York Times report that claimed Rosenstein suggested secretly recording Trump and invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office. The deputy attorney general has denied those claims.

The president and Rod Rosenstein had a beginning of that conversation by phone yesterday and both agreed that it was best to sit down and have that further and longer and more extended conversation in-person," Sanders said on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday.

"I'm not going to get into a hypothetical situation. We'll see how Thursday goes and I'll let the President make that determination."

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She said Trump is obviously disappointed with the Justice Department, and he wants some answers from Rosenstein, but she refused to get into hypotheticals about Trump possibly firing Rosenstein.

Steve Doocy noted that Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow is calling for a "timeout" in Mueller's probe if Rosenstein resigns or is fired.

Sanders said she would actually "go a step further."

"I think the Mueller probe should end because they've spent a year-and-a-half and they've found nothing because there is nothing. There was no collusion," Sanders said.

"I think the American people, frankly, are ready for this to wrap up. We have seen absolutely no shred of evidence that the president or anybody on his team had any wrongdoing in the campaign. And I think it's time to wrap this up and move forward."

Watch the full "Fox & Friends" interview below, including Sanders' thoughts on controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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