Sean Hannity asked Tuesday why Democrats who demand Judge Brett Kavanaugh prove his innocence against claims of sexual misconduct haven't done the same for DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison.

Ellison, a Minnesota congressman running for the state attorney general's office, is accused of physical, psychological and emotional abuse of his ex-girlfriend.

"If the left truly believes survivors, they might want to focus on the deputy chair of their own party," Hannity said.

At a debate last week, Ellison said "I don't know what somebody might cook up" when asked whether more allegations against him will surface.

Hannity said Ellison's answer showed the hypocrisy of Democrats in believing assault accusations.

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"So many of these Democrats who will not give due process or presumption of innocence to Judge Kavanaugh -- they haven't uttered a word about their number-two," he said.

Hannity said Ellison has yet to be confronted by mobs like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was, and has yet to be questioned publicly by Democrats who appear on television.

He added that when Juanita Broaddrick accused President Clinton of a 1970s alleged rape, Democrats refused to consider her case.

Broaddrick appeared on Hannity's eponymous radio program and said "not one of them" followed then-Rep. Henry Hyde's (R-Ill.) demand that they read her deposition during the Lewinsky scandal.

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