A new Gallup poll shows the favorability rating of the Republican Party is at its highest point since 2011.

The GOP favorability is one percent higher this month than Democrats, the poll shows, and the 45 percent mark is nine points higher than last September.

Charlie Kirk said on Fox & Friends that if Republicans do not confirm Brett Kavanaugh, voters could stay home in response. 

"If Republicans do not finish the game strong -- what I'm talking about is Kavanaugh -- I think there's going to be a price to pay at the ballot box in the midterms," he said.

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The poll was conducted before the allegations against Kavanaugh, but Kirk added that they won't have an effect on the GOP come November.

"I think the base sees right through this," he said. "I wish we would still be a country where you're innocent until proven guilty, and it seems that Democrats want to have a guilty until proven innocent [situation].

Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday for a hearing about the alleged assault.

He firmly denied Ford's accusation Monday night on The Story with Martha MacCallum.

"All I'm asking for is fairness and that I be heard in this process," he said.

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