Tucker Carlson said Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono has become a left-wing "folk hero" for inventing a new system of justice in the United States, where men are presumed guilty and the accused must prove their innocence.

Carlson also ripped Senate Republicans, saying their actions show they "don't care about you," the citizen.

Hirono threw her support behind Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, allegedly during a Maryland party in 1982.

Speaking at a press availability last week, she told American men to "shut up and step up."

"Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard -- but they need to be believed," Hirono said.

Carlson "translated" Hirono's rhetoric as "all men are guilty, not because they've been proven guilty, but because they are men... they are inherently guilty."

He said that under Hirono and the Democrats' new justice system, a person is preordained to be innocent or guilty based on birth.

"All women are to be believed... Evidence is irrelevant," Carlson said.

Hirono, who faces Republican engineer Ron Curtis in November's election, said Kavanaugh has been judged negatively in what she called a "court of credibility."

"Look, we're not in a court of law. We're actually in a court of credibility at this point. And, without having the FBI report or some semblance of trying to get corroboration we are left with the credibility of the two witnesses,” Hirono told MSNBC.

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Carlson said that kind of system hearkens back to Medieval times, when people had to prove their innocence or be tortured.

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Kavanaugh has a "responsibility" to come forward and disprove the charges against him as well.

Carlson said it effectively means that "once you've been accused in this new 'court of credibility,' it's your job to un-convict yourself."

He said that Republicans too are acting in an irresponsible manner, by still "playing along" with Democrats' demands and rhetoric.

"This is a bad joke," he said, adding that he gave Ford the benefit of every doubt throughout all of last week.

"Republicans in the Senate don't care about you," he said, adding they've been weak on securing the border, stopping indoctrination in the classroom and failing to stand up to tech giants' control of public discourse.

He said that voters supported Trump because they believe he cares about them, but that Republicans in Congress give non-Democrats little incentive to reelect them in November.

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