Ben Shapiro blasted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Sunday night on the premiere episode of his Fox News Election Special for claiming America "starves little children."

Sanders made the remarks in an episode of comedian Sarah Silverman's "I Love You, America" series on Hulu.

Silverman asked Sanders why she couldn't use "dirty words" at the U.S. Senate, to which he replied, "We just starve little children, we go bomb houses and buses of children and we give tax breaks to billionaires ... but we don't use dirty words."

"So Bernie is both ignorant and unfunny," Shapiro said.

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However, Shapiro added that what Sanders said is important because it shows the distinction between what the hard left believes about the country versus "the rest of America."

He said those on the hard left believe that the American flag is a symbol of "a uniquely bad nation" and that the country is rooted in racism and bigotry.

"This is all absolutely wrong," Shapiro said. "[America] is the engine of the world's prosperity, and that engine is going strong."

Citing data from the World Bank, Shapiro noted how extreme poverty around the world has dropped significantly over the past three decades thanks to America's economic strength.

"The American fighting men and women have been more humane in their pursuit of liberty for others than any other fighting force in human history, and the world has trended toward democracy and freedom because of it," he said.

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