With the effort to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border seemingly stalled in Washington, D.C., the National Sheriffs' Association has launched a crowdfunding effort to help pay for President Trump's long-promised border wall.

The group announced the fundraising effort last week during a White House meeting attended by Trump and 43 sheriffs from 35 states, the Charlotte Observer reported.

As of Sunday morning, more than $23,000 of the $1.5 billion goal has been raised.

Bristol County, Massachusetts, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, who attended the White House meeting, said that sheriffs have been calling on Congress to do their job and act on border security for 20 years, and for 20 years, Congress has done nothing.

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“This president’s a problem-solver trying to do the people’s work, and Congress, as usual, is more interested in doing their own political work," Hodgson said on "Fox & Friends" Sunday.

He said it's clear that Congress is indifferent to the families whose lives have been destroyed as a result of drug trafficking, human trafficking and crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

"Congress just turns a blind eye to it," Hodgson said.

He said elected lawmakers may be unwilling to motivate and mobilize the American people, but more than 3,000 elected sheriffs across the nation feel differently.

"The sheriffs are going to stand with the people that we made a promise to protect," Hodgson said. "The sheriffs are not going to stand by and watch people continue to die in our neighborhoods when Congress and us both have an obligation to protect them."

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