The panel on "The Five" on Friday discussed the New York Times report that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made reference to recording President Trump and possibly working to invoke the 25th Amendment against him.

Dana Perino said new reporting from a senior Justice Department official said that in the 2017 meeting where the comments were allegedly made, Rosenstein was speaking extemporaneously after being challenged by then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

In response to McCabe's reported criticism that Rosenstein was preventing an aggressive investigation of Trump, Rosenstein shouted a frustrated and incredulous response that referenced wearing a wire, the official told Fox News.

"McCabe wants to bring Rosenstein down," Perino said.

Marie Harf added that some people in Washington could want to goad Trump into firing Rosenstein and setting off "some kind of constitutional crisis."

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Jesse Watters reminded the panel that McCabe is under federal investigation for lying to federal officials, and that "we know that McCabe's a leaker."

"He's got an ax to grind," Watters said of McCabe.

Greg Gutfeld said that what happened to Rosenstein with the publication of the Times report is what has happened to Trump multiple times.

The press is "taking things meant sarcastically... literally," he said.

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