A Georgia Republican congressman who sits on the House Judiciary Committee said Thursday a subpoena may have to be issued in light of the reported refusal of Fusion GPS staffer Nellie Ohr to testify before the panel.

Rep. Doug Collins reacted to Fox News reporting that Ohr, the wife of demoted FBI counternarcotics official Bruce Ohr -- who is a central figure in the Trump-Russia probe, will not voluntarily appear on the Hill.

"They had many times to talk about... how they want to testify," Collins said on "Your World."

As Fox News reported:

Nellie Ohr, who worked as a contractor for the firm behind the anti-Trump dossier and whose Justice Department husband became a backchannel for passing along that information, has refused multiple requests to appear voluntarily before House committees, Fox News has learned.

Former FBI general counsel James Baker also has refused similar requests.

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The House judiciary and oversight committees have spoken to numerous other witnesses, including Nellie’s husband Bruce Ohr, as part of their joint investigation into actions taken by DOJ during the Hillary Clinton email and Russia investigations. Bruce Ohr testified in late August about his relationship with former British spy and dossier author Christopher Steele.

Collins, who represents Gainesville and Dahlonega, said the committee is "going to have to press the issue and probably have to issue a subpoena."

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He said that as more information comes out, it is apparent that the Ohrs and other officials named in the investigation thought "they had a better opinion of who the president should be."

"It's not just one... it has become a coordinated effort" against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Collins said the former head of the Justice Department, ex-Attorney General Eric Holder was "nothing more than a political hack" rather than an officer of the law.

He posited that the Democrats in Congress are "letting this go by because they like the previous administration."

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