In his monologue on "The Five" Thursday, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the New York Times asking its readers to report instances of fake news and "misleading" information that may influence voters in this year's midterms.

"We're looking for false information being spread deliberately to confuse, mislead or influence voters," the Times wrote.

Gutfeld remarked that the Times' truck drivers should turn around and "dump the day's copies back on the loading dock."

"Crowdsourcing by the media never helps anyone but themselves," he said, pointing to solicitations to dive into former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's emails in 2011.

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He said that the Times is simply a "cash-strapped outfit asking you to do their bidding for free."

"I'd bring up Jayson Blair or the Duke Lacrosse case, but it's almost dinnertime," he said.

Blair was once a reporter for the Times, who resigned in disgrace in 2003 after multiple allegations of plagiarism and fabrication of stories surfaced.

"Help the Times uncover media bias, and cover their cubicles in mirrors," Gutfeld said.

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