Steve Doocy brought us a powerful interview Thursday with a blind Arizona high school football player who amazingly scored two touchdowns in a game last week. 

Adonis Watt, who plays on the freshman team at Brophy Prep in Phoenix, said his coaches trusted him and he "did his job" on the plays. Doocy asked how Watt runs the ball when he cannot see what's in front of him on a given play. 

"You just trust your instincts, trust your players, trust the play. To be blind, you have to be able to trust other things, since you can't trust your eyes," said Watt, explaining that he relies on practice reps to know where the hole in the line is supposed to be. 

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Adonis, who lost his vision due to congenital glaucoma, was asked about his football future, and he's not setting modest goals for himself. 

"First I have to go to college, do good at that. Hopefully get in the NFL, get some rings, get a lot of money and go into the Hall of Fame," said Watt, who scored a 45-yard touchdown earlier this season when the defense pulled back in a show of sportsmanship. 

This time, coach Scott Heideman said the scores were "all earned," explaining the officials and opposing team were not notified of Watt's blindness.

Heideman said he's inspired watching Adonis play football and believes he Adonis has a "visual image in his head" of where he's supposed to run. 

Watch the inspiring "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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