In Wednesdays with Watters on "The Story," Jesse Watters reacted to President Trump getting ripped by critics for hugging a young boy during a trip to hurricane-ravaged Craven County, N.C.

Trump was handing out meals to displaced residents in New Bern when a boy asked for a hug.

The president smiled and hugged the boy, setting off a storm of backlash from critics that MacCallum deemed "depressing."

Among the many critics, one asked whether the boy "got a check" from the Trump Organization, or why Trump would hug a child when "he doesn't even hug his own kids."

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"Can you imagine, you're the president and you get criticized for hugging a child?" Watters asked.

He said that when former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) hugged President Obama after Hurricane Sandy "that was bad," but that this situation was not politically relevant.

Watters also dismissed criticism that Trump hugged the boy "because he's white," after critics said Trump did not hug anyone in majority-Hispanic Puerto Rico after a hurricane there last year.

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