The co-hosts of "The Five" on Tuesday reacted to a Media Research Center study that found the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts overwhelmingly described President Trump with negative language.

The study “looked at every broadcast evening news story about the president from January 1 through September 10,” according to the MRC.

During the sample period, Trump was called “angry” 23 times, “furious” 17 times, “outraged” eight times, “venting” five times, “infuriated” five times and “livid” three times. The president was said to be “lashing out” a whopping 53 times, on a “tirade” eight times and was “erupting” three times during the nearly nine-month sample, according to the study.

"If the media was calling me a racist, mentally-ill colluder, and [prosecutors] were raiding my lawyer's office, I'd be lashing out a lot too," Jesse Watters said.

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He noted that when former President Bill Clinton was under a special counsel investigation in the 1990s, the press described him as "resilient, energized, invigorate, strategizing, passionate."

He said the adjectives used by the media tell you more about the media themselves, as opposed to the person they're describing.

Juan Wiliams countered that even conservative media outlets and pundits have described Trump with words like "volatile, impulsive and unpredictable."

He also pointed to the titles of recent books about the Trump administration: "Fire and Fury," "Fear" and "Unhinged."

"Gee, there's a lot of people saying this," Williams said.

Dana Perino said Trump might want to be described differently in the press, but his fiery, outspoken approach is one reason why he's been so effective in his first year-and-a-half in office.

"Fear helps," Greg Gutfeld agreed.

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