Juanita Broaddrick, who alleged then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, blasted Hillary Clinton for hypocrisy in demanding due process for a woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Broaddrick, a retired nursing home administrator from Van Buren, Ark., said that all accusers deserve to have their case adjudicated, and that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford should attend a hearing on Monday on her matter.

When asked about accusations against her husband, Clinton said on MSNBC that people "need to take each of these situations on their own merits," and that there should be "due process for everyone involved."

Broaddrick said Clinton was "asking for things she denied the victims of her husband."

Broaddrick recalled how the former secretary of state met her a short time after the alleged rape.

"She grabbed ahold of my arm... and she says with this very angry look on her face... 'do you understand everything that you do?'," Broaddrick said. "At that moment, I felt she knew [about the alleged rape] and she was telling me to keep quiet."

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Broaddrick said Democrats refused to read her own deposition on the matter to President Clinton's independent counsel, Kenneth Starr, despite the opposite phenomenon currently playing out in Kavanaugh's case.

"They did not want to know about it," she said.

Broaddrick recalled how the late Alaska Sen. Theodore Stevens (R) remarked at the time that "I don't care if you prove he raped a woman and then stood up and shot her dead — you are not going to get sixty-seven votes [to remove Clinton from office]." -- citing a book by former House counsel David Schippers.

Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee who claimed Bill Clinton sexually harassed her, said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that all women have a right to be heard.

Jones claimed then-Gov. Bill Clinton (D-Ark.) met her in a hotel room in Little Rock, where he propositioned her and pulled down his pants in front of her.

A lawsuit that arose during Clinton's tenure as president concluded with an $850,000 settlement on Jones' behalf.

"It's really unbelievable if [Hillary] said all women have a right to be heard... Why not me, Kathleen [Willey] and Juanita?" Jones asked.

Carlson recalled how former Clinton adviser James Carville dismissed Jones by saying that anyone would seek litigation if "you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park" -- and how that sentiment was shared among Democrats.

"It's about what's right and what's wrong," Jones said.

Watch more from Broaddrick above, and watch Jones' interview with Carlson below.

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