Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee doesn't often agree with Hillary Clinton, if ever. 

But on "America's Newsroom" Tuesday he said he hopes the former Secretary of State is right with one recent prediction. 

Speaking to Rachel Maddow on Tuesday, Clinton warned that if Democrats fail to take one or both houses of Congress in November's midterm elections, then Trump will become "even more uncontrollable and unaccountable."

"He will fire people in the White House. He will fire people in his administration who he thinks are crossing him, questioning him, undermining him," Clinton said.

On "America's Newsroom" Wednesday, Huckabee said he hopes that Clinton is right and Trump looks at his administration and the federal government and hands out a lot of pink slips.

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"People that have been disloyal, people that have tried to undermine him, people in the deep state who have done everything they humanly can do disrupt his presidency," Huckabee said. "So in the regard, let me just say: Hillary, I agree with you."

As for Clinton's claim that Trump will be "more uncontrollable and unaccountable" if Republicans maintain control of Congress, Huckabee said she doesn't like that Trump is following through on his campaign promises and that he has been extremely successful during his first year-and-a-half in office.

Huckabee pointed to tax cuts, deregulation, progress with North Korean denuclearization, the termination of the Iran nuclear agreement and historic jobs growth.

"If her [issue] is he might continue doing that stuff, why wouldn't we want him to?" Huckabee asked.

He said Clinton's remarks -- including her warning about Trump's "authoritarian tendencies" -- are clearly an attempt to fire up the left's base ahead of the midterm elections.

"It's all the more reason that common sense conservatives, people that are committed to the Constitution, they cannot sit at home in November, they absolutely must go out and vote," Huckabee said.

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