Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert said Tuesday on "Lou Dobbs Tonight" that the Democrats are "crying wolf" when they claim the declassification of documents pertaining to the Trump-Russia probe or FISA warrant would damage national security.

Lou Dobbs noted that Hillary Clinton ripped President Trump for ordering the declassification of FISA-related documents, saying that the president is "waging war on the truth."

"Apparently, she doesn't like transparency and openness in government," Dobbs said.

Gohmert (R-Tyler) said Trump made a "fantastic" decision to let the public see the documents that led to his campaign being surveilled by the Obama-era FBI.

"Having reviewed some of the things with regard to Hillary Clinton's case, boy is she one to talk about obstructing justice and being above the law," Gohmert added.

Gohmert said that "every time" the White House or Congressional Republicans call for related documents to be released, Democrats have claimed such moves would endanger national security or reveal "sources and methods."

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He said that, instead, each case proved that Democrats' outcries have been "self-serving to protect the people that have been violating federal regulations [or] violating the law."

"[They're] calling wolf one too many times and saying 'gee, this is terrible,'" Gohmert said. "The American people need to see just how bad the Department of Justice was weaponized."

"John Mitchell could never have dreamed of [this]," he said, referring to President Nixon's embattled attorney general.

Mitchell served 19 months in prison after committing obstruction and other crimes during the Watergate affair, and famously clashed with Watergate Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein.

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