Fox News correspondent Jonathan Hunt took a ride-along Tuesday with Customs and Border Protection agents flying high over Pender County, N.C. in search of citizens in distress from Hurricane Florence.

Hunt showed stunning images of floodwaters from the Cape Fear River that had decimated the county seat of Burgaw.

Shepard Smith noted how the places Hunt was surveying were deluged, despite being dozens of miles inland from coastal cities like Wilmington, Kure Beach and Surf City.

"There is some very severe flooding here," Hunt said, flying over a church that had flooded to nearly the base of its steeple.

Hunt said the agents have not seen anyone in need of rescue, and that in a day or so, the mission will shift to being one of humanitarian and infrastructural support.

He said that despite the devastation, meteorologists reported the Cape Fear River has yet to crest. One figure Hunt cited put the current level at 62 feet.

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"Thousands of people have lost their homes," Hunt said, as he flew over the city of 3,800.

As Hunt panned the scene, dozens of homes stood under more than a story of water, and street were indistinguishable from breaks in the surrounding forests of loblolly pines.

One shot showed the Cape Fear River's main path, with its banks completely covered by water.

Farther north, the Trent River overflowed its banks in Trenton and Pollocksville, with the latter's mayor telling Fox News it could be as long as eight days before power would be restored to the otherwise "cut-off" community.

In the major cities of Washington and New Bern, scenes were largely the same with flooding overtaking much of the community.

Hunt said about 2,600 people have been rescued in North Carolina thus far, and that President Donald Trump will come to the region later this week to offer support and survey the damage.

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