A fearless great-grandfather helped foil an attempted armed robbery in County Cork, Ireland, on Saturday.

Surveillance footage showed three masked men -- two wielding hammers and the other brandishing what appears to be a sawed-off shotgun -- storming into betting shop Bar One Racing in Glanmire and demanding money from the safe.

As the attackers threatened customers and the manager, Tim Murphy, 83-year-old Denis O'Connor can be seen walking behind the counter and wrestling with one of the suspects, before chasing him out the back door.

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As Murphy struggled with a second suspect, O'Connor grabbed a stool and chased the third suspect away.

When the suspect gave up struggling with Murphy and fled, O'Connor kicked him in the backside as he ran out the door.

O'Connor told the Irish Independent, "I didn't really think about it. I just went for it."

Murphy told the Irish Times that he is extremely grateful for O'Connor's actions.

“I was just being threatened by the two fellas with the hammers. Denis tackled one of them and I thought, ‘I will have to tackle this fella as well,'" Murphy said. “I tried to grab the hammer. It was a total blur. They totally backed down. I remember Denis just shouting, ‘Ye are cowards. Ye are total cowards.’"

“Denis is a total hero. When I saw him taking one of them on he totally inspired me. He is very fit.”

Authorities are still on the hunt for the robbers.

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