The panel on "The Five" discussed Tuesday what type of precedent would be set if decades-old claims of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh derail his Supreme Court nomination.

Palo Alto University Prof. Christine Blasey Ford was identified as the anonymous claimant in a report obtained by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) -- the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee.

Blasey Ford claimed Kavanaugh forced himself on her during a party in the early 1980s in Bethesda, Md., when the two were teenagers.

However, Ford has thus far not agreed to testify on the matter, and Mark Judge, the other man referenced to be at the party, said he does not remember the incident and will not testify.

Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has set a hearing date for early next week to decipher the allegation.

Panelist Dr. Nicole Saphier said that "it will set a guilty-until-proven-innocent precedent if this successfully derails [Kavanaugh's] nomination."

Greg Gutfeld added that, if that comes true, "we won't need courts anymore" because all cases can be decided via a "priority of innocence" status.

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Jesse Watters said he believes that both Kavanaugh is being sincere in claiming he had no involvement in the alleged assault, and that Blasey Ford is being sincere that something untoward happened to her at a party.

Saphier said the Democrats are using the allegations as a political tool do kill another Republican nomination, but are ignoring their own past.

"The party of Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison are trying to lecture Americans," she said.

Clinton has been accused of rape by Arkansas retiree Juanita Broaddrick, settled a sexual misconduct case brought by former Arkansas government employee Paula Jones, and was impeached in 1999 for lying under oath about having sexual encounters with his intern, Monica Lewinsky.

Ellison, the Democratic Party's deputy chairman and a Minnesota Congressman seeking the state attorney general seat, is facing abuse accusations from a former girlfriend.

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