The panel on "The Five" reacted Monday to President Donald Trump ordering the declassification of key documents relating to the federal probe into the 2016 election, including an application for surveillance of a Trump campaign aide.

The documents will also include texts between several current and former bureaucrats, including FBI officials Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.

As Fox News reported:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had ordered the documents released "[a]t the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency."

The documents to be declassified also include 12 FBI reports on interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all other applications to surveil Carter Page.

Trump also ordered the Justice Department to release text messages from a number of the key players in the Russia investigation "without redaction" -- including former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Ohr, Strzok and Lisa Page.

It was not immediately clear when or how the documents would be released.

"This has been a long time in coming," Jesse Watters said, adding that people have been asking for the release of these documents for a year or more.

He said it could have a "huge political impact" if the documents are released before the midterms for public viewing.

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"A lot of what has been going on [concerning] surveillance and the special counsel... from the jump has been corrupt at the highest levels," he said.

Watters said the documents could show proof of "political persecution" of President Trump and his allies.

However, Juan Williams cautioned that Trump's decision to declassify the documents could be proof of a "flailing president" who is concerned about the current political scene.

He said Trump was "restrained" in his approach to declassifying the documents, saying that he apparently did not take the extreme step of declassifying the actual FISA surveillance warrant.

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