President Donald Trump reportedly accepted that he won't get the necessary votes to fund the border wall before November's midterm elections.

According to Axios, Trump privately assured Republican leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell that he won't push to shut down the federal government over the wall.

On "The Next Revolution" Sunday night, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren said Trump should not accept defeat on the issue before the midterms. 

"I think that you should put it up and you should see which Republicans really believe in fixing our immigration system, really believe in border enforcement, and which ones do not," Lahren said.

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She argued that for too long Republicans have campaigned on border security, but when it's time to vote on it, they are nowhere to be found.

"I see all these Republican candidates ... talking about how they believe in border security and border enforcement, then guess what happens? They get elected and they're safe, and then they no longer have to worry about it anymore," Lahren said.

"As Ann Coulter has said many times, we're still waiting for the wall," said Lahren, whose appearance followed Steve Hilton's discussion with Coulter on her new book, "Resistance Is Futile."

Coulter said Trump supporters remain frustrated by the lack of progress on the wall, but their "hatred" of the mainstream media and the Trump "resistance" overrides that disappointment. 

"You end up running back to him  and defending him because we hate them so much," said Coulter, adding if he does not get the wall built, Trump's biggest achievement may be destroying the mainstream media and the "swamp."

"[The media] has decided we are abandoning all pretense of objectivity. The only goal is 'stop Trump.'"

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