Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Sunday in a new essay that American democracy is in "crisis" under President Donald Trump. 

The 2016 presidential candidate wrote in The Atlantic that she hoped her post-election fears about Trump would prove to be "overblown" but instead they have been confirmed. 

She wrote that Trump "has sunk far below the already-low bar he set for himself in his ugly campaign," accusing him of undermining U.S. elections, attacking the rule of law and "waging war on truth and reason."

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Trump and his cronies do so many despicable things that it can be hard to keep track. I think that may be the point—to confound us, so it’s harder to keep our eye on the ball. The ball, of course, is protecting American democracy. As citizens, that’s our most important charge. And right now, our democracy is in crisis.

I don’t use the word crisis lightly. There are no tanks in the streets. The administration’s malevolence may be constrained on some fronts—for now—by its incompetence. But our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back. There’s not a moment to lose.

Reacting on "America's Newsroom," Lisa Boothe called Clinton's attack "laughable," saying she is "irrelevant" after being rejected by American voters. 

"She lost for a reason," said Boothe, adding Clinton "cannot be trusted" and her use of a private email server led a majority of voters to believe she did something wrong. 

Mary Anne Marsh pushed back, arguing that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is
"[marching] to Donald Trump's front door" while Clinton has never been charged with a crime despite years of allegations from Republicans. 

"There's more to come [from Mueller]," she warned, noting Paul Manafort is now cooperating with Mueller.

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