South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham reacted Monday on "Hannity" to an allegation of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Graham, a Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said the allegation is "serious" but is also 36 years old.

Graham, who served as a military attorney before he was elected to the Senate, said a criminal case could not be brought because the allegation is too old and a civil suit would be problematic because it is too hard to prove.

With that said, Graham added that such considerations should be made when the accused is seeking a confirmation vote before the Senate.

"Is there enough evidence here... to deny this man a promotion to the Supreme Court?" he asked.

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"If it was this bad, why did not the Democrats challenge Judge Kavanaugh when he was in front of them?" Graham continued.

Graham said that the attempt to stop Kavanaugh in this way is "part of a pattern."

"They can't beat him on the law, so they're trying to destroy his life," he said.

Graham added that in addition, a conservative lawmaker could not have gotten away with deceptively editing tapes of a nominee in the way Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) did to try to hurt Kavanaugh.

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