Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted Judiciary Committee Democrats' handling of a formerly anonymous allegation of misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A report of abuse forwarded by Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein of California detailed a claim by college professor Christine Ford against Kavanaugh when the two were teenagers.

McConnell, of Kentucky, said that, even with Ford's name redacted, Senators held 65 meetings with Kavanaugh before his confirmation hearing -- including at least one with Feinstein.

"They didn't raise it, even with the name redacted, in four days of exhaustive public hearings," McConnell said.

"They chose to raise a myriad other matters during the hearing... including [some] with bizarre innuendo," he said.

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McConnell said that Democrats used the "eleventh hour" before a committee vote to declare that Kavanaugh's confirmation should be delayed.

"The chain of custody of this letter runs through the Democratic side of the Judiciary Committee," he said.

McConnell added that several Republican members of the committee agreed with his position, noting that moderate Susan Collins of Maine asked why the accusation had not been forwarded earlier.

He said that Texas Republican John Cornyn remarked that Democrats "have so egregiously mishandled this up until now that it's no excuse for us to do the same."

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