Comedian Bill Maher questioned why there is so much "patriotic bulls**t" at U.S. sporting events.

Maher made the remark on his HBO show "Real Time" on Friday while discussing rumors that the NFL is considering eliminating cheerleaders at games.

"Why don't they just take away the militarism?" Maher said. "I kind of like the cheerleaders -- maybe that makes me a sexist. But why do we have to mix football, you know, the season just started, with so much of this patriotic bulls***? You know, the flyovers and the flag on the field and the singing?"

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He called out Major League Baseball for having "God Bless America" performed mid-game after the national anthem is sung before the game.

"Like I forget what country I'm in after six innings?!" he joked.

On "America's Newsroom" on Monday, Carley Shimkus joined the chorus of voices who have condemned Maher's remarks.

"Why not celebrate this country during a game where two American cities are playing each other in a stadium filled with Americans? Why not honor heroes who deserve praise and applause so much and so rarely get it?" Shimkus said.

She noted that even most athletes who kneel during the national anthem have made it clear that they mean no disrespect to the military or law enforcement with their demonstrations.

"It almost seems like that is exactly what Bill Maher was trying to do," Shimkus said. "On the week of the September 11th anniversary, for him to come out say this, there's something wrong with that narrative."

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