Greg Gutfeld and the crew on the "Greg Gutfeld Show" reacted Saturday to an op-ed in the New York Times that called for a more "boring" president to succeed Donald Trump.

Co-author and conservative Trump critic Bret Stephens said he envisioned "someone like [Virginia Sen.] Tim Kaine without the charisma, Gerald Ford without the malice or George H.W. Bush without the vicious hatred of broccoli."

Gutfeld joked with the audience that it may be difficult to identify Kaine, noting he was Hillary Clinton's 2016 running mate.

"Anyone is going to be boring after Donald Trump," Gutfeld said, adding that it may be time for a new "Boring Party."

He played several mock political ads from such a party:

In one ad, Katherine Timpf played "Beverly Miller," a loving mother who "worships the needle" of needlepointing.

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"I needlepointed for a week straight. I made a car tarp. I can't stop needlepointing," Timpf's Miller said.

In another ad, cucumber aficionado "Skip Davis" announced his bid for Congress: "If you like cucumbers, you'll like me."

Another ad presented "Mitch Langley," a candidate for U.S. Senate who dabbles in model trains.

Retired Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill remarked that the issue may not be who holds the White House for eight years, but "the person who's in the Capitol for 35 years."

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