An American flag shredded by the vicious winds of Tropical Storm Florence was captured still standing by a live camera off the North Carolina coast.

The powerful image was captured on the camera from the Frying Pan Tower, a local bed and breakfast that had once been a Coast Guard light station.

Richard Neal, the business's owner, said Saturday on Fox & Friends that the video of the flag flying was meant to show American pride.

"This is America. We are proud of it," he said. "We go through storms together and we survive. We hang on and we rebuild."

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Neal said that he did not intend to have the flag get torn apart, adding that it wasn't taken down despite rules saying that an American flag should be taken inside during inclement weather because his business's focus was on helping others in need.

Flag and Banner also donated a replacement flag to the Frying Pan Tower and will do so every month.

Neal said that if the flag was still flying on Saturday morning, he'd give it to the American Red Cross to auction off and provide aid for people who need it.

"We don't want any benefit of it, other than people understanding that we all just have to pull together," he said.

He said that the flag was left outside to show his business is still representing America even when they're not there.

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