As Hurricane Florence pounds the Carolina coast, a Wilmington, North Carolina, resident joined "Fox & Friends First" to explain why he has deliberately ignored mandatory evacuation orders.

People were ordered to evacuate the area ahead of the Category 1 storm, which is expected to result in catastrophic flash floods, life-threatening storm surges and tropical storm-force winds.

But Jeremy Tominack said he stayed so he could keep an eye on his home and help his fellow Wilmington residents after the storm passes.

Tominack said he is seeing extremely strong winds, but he has not yet had any issues with flooding.

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"At this point, I'm just riding out whatever they throw my way, and hope it works out for the best," Tominack said. "It looks like the eye of the storm is pretty much right over my house, and the storm's pretty intense right now."

He said if something catastrophic happens to his home, he plans to make his way to a neighbor’s house. But he expected to be able to ride the storm out.

"I think I could survive a long time. I have a lot of supplies. And if something dire did happen, I think I'd be able to ride it out for quite a while actually."

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