Tucker Carlson debated Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo on the merits of allowing unfettered immigration into the United States, both legal and illegal.

Carlson said that recent figures show as many as one in seven people in America is an immigrant -- whether legal or illegal.

He said that Nike CEO Mark Parker is challenging the state of Oregon by opposing a proposal to rescind its sanctuary city law, saying that Oregon will not be able to attract diverse talent.

"As long as you fight to drive down wages in the U.S. and sponsor athletes who protest the flag, Democrats will give you a pass to operate sweatshops," Carlson said of Parker.

He told Acevedo that in a one-year period between mid-2016 and 2017, 98 percent of illegal border crossers remain in the U.S.

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Acevedo said that figures he saw show a large proportion of America's GDP expansion came from the work of immigrants. He said the banking giant CitiGroup was the source of that information.

Carlson said CitiGroup is an advocate for open borders and therefore was not surprised to hear of the reported figures.

He asked Acevedo whether he was trying to claim that America's economic growth comes from low-skilled, low-wage immigrants.

"You're making the case for big business again," he said, adding that corporations want more immigration because it boosts the amount of workers that will accept lower pay.

Acevedo said several sectors of the American workforce have seen improvement because of immigration, whether legal or illegal.

"The middle class was vibrant when I was born. It's dying now," Carlson responded.

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