The panel on "The Five" blasted a New York Times story the paper later corrected under pressure that slammed UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for the $52,701 curtains in her New York apartment.

It turns out that the curtains were purchased by the Obama administration for Haley's predecessors at the United Nations.

The Times initially wrote that Haley's "view of New York is priceless."

Jesse Watters called the episode an "unbelievable smear and mischaracterization."

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Dana Perino said the media will often take "subtle digs" with headlines or photos against people they do not like.

"[It's] worse than a mistake or a lie because it's intentionally misleading," Greg Gutfeld added.

Gutfeld said the article even noted further down that the Obama administration ordered the curtains, yet stuck with the headline that ripped Haley.

"It's pretty scummy what they did," he said.

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