Laura Ingraham called out Google executives for expressing their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump, but at the same time working with China's communist government. 

In a video that leaked this week, several Google executives spoke at a company meeting after the 2016 election. 

"As an immigrant and a refugee, I certainly find this election deeply offensive and I know many of you do, too. And I think it’s a very stressful time and it conflicts with many of our values," Moscow-born co-founder Sergey Brin said.

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Ingraham asked what Google's "values" actually are, pointing out that the company is happy to work with China and is developing an app to help Beijing censor Internet content it doesn't like. 

"Translation: Google is helping China silence its political opposition," she said, asking how the results of a legitimate U.S. election can conflict with the company's values. 

"Give me a break!" she responded.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson reported that a Google executive emailed fellow executives to highlight how the company helped drive Latino voter turnout, ostensibly to help Hillary Clinton. 

Ingraham said Google and social media giants like Twitter and Facebook "were happier when America was losing to China" and blue-collar America was suffering, as long as their profits rose. 

"President Trump is turning the tables on that sick dynamic. His policies are working. Google is still rich, of course. But the globalists, even though the economy is going well, are still grumpy. That tells you all you need to know."

Watch the full monologue above.

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