Fox Business Network correspondent Jeff Flock reported live from the eye of Hurricane Florence in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

The Category 1 storm is slamming the Carolinas, knocking out power for hundreds of thousands and bringing the threat of catastrophic flash floods and life-threatening storm surges.

On "Fox & Friends," Flock described the eerie "dead calm" of the eye of the storm.

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He said he could see the sky and birds flying, a striking contrast to the powerful wind and rains that battered the area just half an hour before.

"It's a real interesting piece of nature to have the eye of the storm be right in the midst of all the chaos we saw, and now we've got this break," Flock said.

He added that the storm is moving so slowly -- approximately five miles per hour -- that he will be in the eye for quite a while.

Flock said the back end of the storm, when it does arrive, is not expected to be as strong, so the area could avoid catastrophic wind damage and storm surges.

Watch more above, and stay with Fox News Channel for Hurricane Florence coverage.

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