Thousands of North and South Carolina residents evacuated their homes ahead of Hurricane Florence.

But some volunteers actually headed toward the areas that will be impacted by the Category 1 storm to help their fellow Americans.

Louisiana's Cajun Navy, a volunteer search, rescue and recovery organization, will be helping local authorities with the search-and-rescue efforts.

"We have the resources ... to go and help these people and help save lives and just make it a little bit easier for everybody," Jordan Bloodsworth, a Baton Rouge member of the Louisiana Cajun Navy, explained on "Fox & Friends" Friday morning.

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Bloodsworth, who is currently in Lumberton, N.C., said the Cajun Navy has informally been helping during storms since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the organization has been growing and becoming more formal every year.

He said there's no formal training or vetting process for being a member of the Cajun Navy, so they rely on individuals' experience and know-how.

"We just get everybody together and go," Bloodsworth said.

Ainsley Earhardt noted that federal responders have already rescued approximately 200 residents who reported themselves stranded in the storm surge in New Bern, N.C.

"I'm actually about to leave this room and go to New Bern now," Bloodsworth said. "We have probably six boats that'll be going with us. We've got a couple guys there right now that went to check it out first. So as I hang this phone up, I'll be getting in the truck and taking a ride to New Bern."

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