Tucker Carlson and Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs said Wednesday that leading Democrats' must quickly and strongly condemn the "accelerating trend" toward violence by the far left.

At an event in the Castro Valley, Calif. area, GOP candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a man with a switchblade shouting obscenities about President Trump.

While his Democratic incumbent opponent Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) denounced the incident, Dobbs said such attacks are often only given a "wink and a nod" by most Democrats.

In Washington D.C., police are investigating a mass shooting threat against the Trump International Hotel.

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And at the University of Southern Nevada, a sociology professor reportedly shot himself in the arm on campus in protest to the president. 

Carlson said the left is "moving from words to action," taking cues from rhetoric of Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). He said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi "could do a lot for this country" by saying forcefully that political violence is never justified. 

"People would listen. It might even help politically. Doing the right thing usually does help politically," said Carlson. 

Dobbs agreed, saying the trend has been "deeply disturbing" and the violence is not being denounced in the way it should be. 

"This is a threat to our very political system," Dobbs said of the inaction, adding that it has gone beyond the trivial notion of a "Trump derangement syndrome."

He said the Democratic Party is now a "set of constituencies that [are] warring with each other," and the establishment politicians are "afraid" of the far-left base.

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