House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is "confident" that Democrats will take the House in November's midterm elections and she will be elected House Speaker.

Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday, the controversial California Democrat said she would have been happy to "go on [her] own way" if Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump, but she believes it's important to have a woman in a leadership role and to have a leader who will protect ObamaCare.

"As long as he’s here, I am here," Pelosi said of President Trump, later adding, "I will be the Speaker of the House."

On "America's Newsroom," House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the thought of Speaker Pelosi "should scare all Americans."

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McCarthy (R-Calif.) pointed out that there is a growing number of self-described Democratic socialists in the Democratic Party, and he said they are "much more aligned" with liberal, San Francisco-based Pelosi than the majority of the American people.

He added that if Democrats take the House, it would also mean that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) would take over as chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

McCarthy warned that if Democrats gained power, they would work to impeach President Trump, abolish ICE and install government-run health care, which he said would be disastrous.

"Those are the three pillars of their agenda," McCarthy said.

He said that Republicans, on the other hand, can campaign on a booming economy and historically low unemployment numbers.

"This election is going to be about results versus resistance, and you don't want more resistance if they take the majority."

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