North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Wednesday on Fox & Friends that the residents of his state need to obey evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Florence.

The Category 4 storm is expected to make landfall along the eastern U.S. coast on Thursday.

It could also potentially stall along the southeastern coast upon making landfall, bringing prolonged wind and rain. 

"This storm is big, and it’s vicious," Cooper (D) said. "We know the storm surge is going to be significant."

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Cooper called the residents of his state "a hardy bunch" that have endured a multitude of past storms, but that "this storm is different."

He said that North Carolinians should obey evacuation orders, as Florence is expected to affect millions in both North and South Carolina.

"It can save your life," he said. "Yesterday we honored all of our first responders. You don't want to put those same first responders at risk trying to save you."

In a video message on Wednesday, President Trump said that people shouldn't "play games" with the storm and that the federal government is ready to assist.

Cooper added that he had spoken to Trump, who promised to help his state.

"He said that the federal government would be there for North Carolina, and we're certainly going to depend on that."

Watch more from Cooper above, and follow Florence's track below.

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