A member of the Benghazi security annex team said Tuesday on "America's Newsroom" that former President Barack Obama's remark about "conspiracy theories" surrounding the terror attack were reckless and disrespectful.

John "Tig" Tiegen said that Obama's comments during a speech last week weren't a surprise to him. 

Speaking in Illinois, Obama argued that Republicans today have embraced "wild conspiracy theories, like those surrounding Benghazi, or my birth certificate."

"If it's a conspiracy about what happened there, why don't you go and ask the family members," Tiegen said on the sixth anniversary of the attack. "The only conspiracy behind it was their deflection of trying to say it was a protest and over a video."

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He slammed a "lack of leadership" in Obama's response to the attacks that left four Americans dead.

"We sat there for eight hours [with] direct contact with an enemy, 13 hours overall," Tiegen said. "It's just a lack of leadership and understanding of the situation that was going on over there."

"The comprehension of the situation on the ground, they just didn't have it or they didn't care," he said, adding that Obama was likely more worried about getting re-elected.

Tiegen also said that on the six-year anniversary of the attack, he feels that the country needs to "pick up and move forward."

"By honoring the guys who did fall, you keep pushing forward. You never quit."

Watch the segment above.

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