Maine Sen. Angus King Jr. compared the 9/11 attacks to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

King, an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats, made the remarks in Lewiston, Maine during a 9/11 remembrance ceremony.

A partial video of his remarks was posted by one of his 2018 challengers, State Sen. Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin).

King, who switched from the Democratic Party to being unaffiliated shortly before his term as governor in the 1990s, said that the Russian election meddling was "the same kind of attack today that occurred in 2001."

"They used airplanes into towers, and now people can use the click of a computer key in Saint Petersburg, Russia," King said.

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Brakey said King's remarks are "an insult" to the victims of 9/11 and that the comments show the senator to hold "deranged thinking."

"King should retract his statement immediately and apologize for his shameful remark," Brakey said.

In addition to the Republican Brakey, King also faces Zak Ringelstein, a Democrat the AP reported to be a "dues-paying member" of the Democratic Socialists of America.

"Only a person completely cut off from reality... could utter those words without turning red with shame," Tucker Carlson said in reaction to King.

Watch Carlson and Brit Hume sound off above, and see King's remarks below.

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