The "Outnumbered" hosts reacted Monday to the weekend controversy at the U.S. Open women's final involving Serena Williams and the chair umpire. 

In the second set of her loss to 20-year-old Naomi Osaka, Williams was assessed infractions for accepting coaching from the stands, smashing her racket and excessive arguing with umpire Carlos Ramos. 

After Williams called Ramos a "thief" for docking her a point, Ramos docked Williams a full game, putting Osaka up 5-3.

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The controversy dominated the social conversation on Saturday night and on Sunday, with many fans standing behind Williams' position and others arguing she went too far. 

Williams called out sexism by Ramos, arguing that men are allowed far more leeway when arguing with the umpire and not penalized as harshly. 

Melissa Francis said she was at the match with her children, some of whom were left in tears by the emotional episode. 

"It played very differently in person. It felt like she was getting penalized and hammered and things were being taken away from her," said Francis. 

"I understood her outrage."

Francis said many of the fans who booed felt that both players were "robbed" by Ramos' decisions. She said Osaka "played amazingly" and yet could not even properly celebrate her first Grand Slam tournament win.

Harris Faulkner agreed, saying Osaka deserved to be able to win the title without an "asterisk" next to it. 

Watch the full discussion above.

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